Cotswold Nutrition - What you eat could change your life
Orange PepperPrior to your consultation you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire, which we will review together during this first 70 minute session.  This initial consultation covers an in depth analysis of your medical history, diet, lifestyle & nutrient intake. At the end of this session you will be given a Health Overview which aims to explain why you may be experiencing some of your symptoms. 
Keeping in mind your likes, dislikes, and what is realistic for you, together we will put together a personalised Health Improvement Plan for you to take away -  the first steps forwards towards your improved health & nutrition.
Food labelling, vitamin, mineral & supplement recommendations can all be very confusing, and this is where I am here to help. Recipes & meal plans can all be supplied if required to help you gain control of your diet & health.  Email & telephone assistance are available to support you with your programme if you need it.
A 40 minute follow up consultations normally takes place within 4 weeks to review your progress and help with any adjustments to your programme.
  • Initial 70 minute Consultation £60.00
  • Follow up 40 minute Consultation £45.00